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Vintage Bear Bow Restoration

1969 Bear Grizzly – Sold to Jeff and Will in Canada!

We sold this beauty to Jeff for his son Will.

We have other Bear Grizzly bows available!

This is a really nice 1969 Bear Grizzly Recurve that pulls at 45# and is 56″ long. The 45# pull is at a 28″ draw, you will be slightly more or less poundage depending upon your draw length.

This bow was my personal bow for 3-D shoots for a couple of years, shoots like a dream. A great bow for turkey hunting because its short and doesn’t get stuck in the brush. You can hunt nicely with this bow out of treestands or groundblinds. The 45# draw make sit an excellent deer bow or if you want to try your hand at elk hunting, it should work well if you are really talented and can call them in close!

The bow is in decent shape, straight limbs and tips are really good. It does have some minor scratches as this is a bow you should use, not just hang on a wall. It has light crazing in the finish on the riser, but I’ve shot many arrows through this bow and the crazing doesnt affect that one bit.

This bow does come with a newer string, nearly brand new, so all you have to do is string it and shoot.

Price: $150.00
Shipping: $15.00*
To Your Door: $165.00

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