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Vintage Bear Bow Restoration


Custom Bow Refinishing and Repair

  • Bow Refinishing
  • Leather Handle Replacement
  • Arrow Rest Replacement

Over time I’ve taught myself how to make the most out of problem bows. Some I¬†have¬†acquired haven’t been taken very good care of over the last 50 to 60 years, so restoration is a big part of taking care of these pieces of history.

I’ll share some of the techniques I’ve taught myself, if you’re interested in having a bow refinished, please dont hesitate to contact me. Generally I need some really good images, or the bow in my hand to give a quote for restoration. Most times quotes are just guesstimates as most of this work is done based on hours invested.

If you have a piece you’d like to chat about, feel free to give me a call at (970) 309-7144 or shoot me an email at

One I had was a gorgeous 1962 Zebrawood Grizzly that had some issues with crazing and failing of the topcoat. The choices were to sand it down and attempt to restore the fiberglass – or skin the limbs with snake skin. I decided to try my hand at skinning a few bows. I started with my son’s little longbow as practice and it turned out great – I’ll post pics of that later. Here are the images as the bow stands now. I had to replace the arrow rest with a Bear Reproduction Feather Rest and stitch a new handle and apply it. The handle still needs to be stained, but its turning into a gorgeous bow.

Bow Refinishing – Camo Pattern

This 61 Grizzly had many stress cracks and dings and was in need of refinishing Had the original factory camo but it was worn and faded in many spots. The stress cracks under the camo needed to be fixed so I took the finish off down to the fiberglass and raw wood.

I add my own personal touch, my daughter created the stencils for me and I used different color paints to create a new camo pattern, then I put a clear coat on and a new handle. The site window originally was natural maple, but I decided to stain it and add some character and “pop.”

Let me know what you think!